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About Us

About Us

Devanshee Systems was started in 2004 with a vision to make Biometrics as a integral part of everyday life for all of us.

Biometrics provides more security and at the same time it is easy to use and maintain. Our mission is to install Biometrics device on every door.

Our CHannel Partner network is well established across all the states and Metro City in India to offer local services in a efficient manner.

We are serving over 2500 customers in India in various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, banking, healthcare, education, Govt, offices, shops, hotels and restaurants, Gym, clubs, residential etc.

Access Control System, Fingerprint, RFID, Palm and Facial Time & Attendance, Access Control, Single and Multi Door Access systems, Biometrics based enrollment solutions.

Being India's one of the best Service company dealing in Biometrics solutions, we constantly strive for more enhanced and quicker solutions. This opens the door for better customer relationship which is the foundation of our company. We are determined to raise the stakes in the Biometrics industry by constantly and effectively providing best services to our partners.

Our constant growth is supported by our elite team under influence of good leadership. Our efficient team shares trust and their cooperation maximize their job performance, and help to make an inviting and productive atmosphere.

Our fosters where people work together on a team blending complementary strengths. We admire their productivity to identify new approaches and are committed to achieve company goals.

We focus to change the world by imposing the presence and accuracy of biometrics for your day to day tasks. We serve in Public sectors such as banks, schools, colleges, industries, labs, coaching centers, laboratory, offices and many more. Continuous growth with innovative solutions has always been and will be the core of Devanshee.

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